Olive Oil

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

Olive oil is always in the soapers pot. (Usually the Pomace variety which is the last pressing of the olives, in soap making the flavour of the oil is not important, the fatty acid profile is, and the last press has broadly the same profile as the virgin)

Olive Oil produces a lovely mild and gentle bar of soap. Making soap with 100% Olive oil is known as Castille soap, a much loved variety developed in the Castille region of Spain. I’ve run into this soap a few times in Italy. Its great to experience it, it’s a very hard bar of soap, but I find the lather is too dense with no fluffiness, and it can feel a bit sticky; less like soap and more like a lotion. I think balance is best, I use a combination of oils to make our Mull soaps what they are, with olive oil being an essential part of the formula, making up 48.3% of our base oils, but with Coconut, Cocoa and Shea butter really rounding the recipe out. I’m curious to try avocado oil in my cold process bars too, because I’ve been using it in my liquid soap prototypes and the skin feel is something to shout about. But this is the blurb for Olive oil, so I should really end by saying; Olive oil, you are amazing, and our soap would be impossible without you..