Our Story

Sophie and I wanted to be together all the time, and we wanted to have kids. Sophie was a Merchant Navy 2nd Officer and I worked a variety of jobs in my home town Tobermory. We were often separated for months at a time while Sophie was at sea. After 4 years of living like this and saving our money, an opportunity came up to buy a shop from my dad, Duncan. We just needed a business idea. Sophie took inspiration from soap shops she’d visited during her travels, I loved the idea, so we started a plan to set up a soaps and skincare business and develop enough of an income to buy a house and have a family, we called it ‘the big house and babies’ plan…..It came off!

Initially to buy the shop we had to sell Stu’s flat. We had been renting it out to make some money whilst camping in an old caravan Stu had renovated for us. At that point Stu was working as a prawn fisherman with Johnny, and I was working what would be my last summer at sea. The flat sold quickly giving us a deposit for the shop, now to convince the bank to give us a loan for the rest. We walked into the meeting with the bank manager Richie armed with a plan and lots of enthusiam …and we came out smiling. Now we were able to buy the shop, but it needed “some work”:

We ripped everything out including the floor and windows and started from scratch. Hughie & Cameron made new windows and put the place back together. In total it took about 3 months and it swallowed all our money, Stu even wired it himself because we couldn’t afford a sparky, although Ian has since put that right.

With the shop looking great now we still hadn’t spent any time actually making soaps…. During the renovation we researched and read book after book about soapmaking, we crammed as much into our heads as we could, now we only lacked practical experience, so we booked on a course in London and headed south.

The course was fantastic (Thanks Plush Folly) and put us in a position to develop our own recipes, and start producing and filling our shelves. Stu has always been the creative type, and soap making has been brilliant for him, he loves it. Our biggest problem ever since has been keeping up with demand.

In 2011 when baby Lewis came along, we soon realised we were going to need some help with making products and helping customers. We now have 3 kids and employ 4 members of staff during the busy summer months.

In 2016 it was essential that we hugely increased our productivity, this included a massive investment in new equipment from a specialist soapmaking supplier in the US. We started out making 96 bars a day, now were capable of producing 1248 bars in a day!

We’re so encouraged by the great feedback we get from our customers (thanks folks!)  and we plan to continue improving our range of products, since we are a long way from our full potential. We are always aiming to learn new things, develop new recipes, products lines and scent ranges.

We’re now a family business with three amazing wee ones and absolutely brilliant staff members. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, or do anything else!

Stu & Sophie