We’re Stu & Sophie (& Gang)

We’re soap makers from Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland. We’ve been in the business of making soaps, skincare products and bath time treats for over 10 years now. Stu is our master soap maker, Sophie takes care of the boys and we have a brilliant team of staff producing all our products instore in our shop in Tobermory. If you are in town, please come and say hi, and see what we are up to in the workshop, there’s always something happening, whether it be soap making, pressing bath bombs, pouring lip balms or just general skiving and cups of tea 😉 , you are very welcome to come and join us!

Our Home

Tobermory Bay

Our soap kitchen is pretty much right slap bang in the centre of Tobermory Bay. We count ourselves lucky, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we are surrounded by some pretty amazing people.

Tobermory is one of the most picturesque places in Scotland. Originally built and well used as a fishing port, Tobermory has for many years also been home to an incredible collection of producers and businesses, including chocolatiers, leather crafters, ice-cream makers, cheese makers, silver and goldsmiths, whisky distillers,  organic biscuit bakers, horn-crafters, jewellers, potters, artists, designers, photographers, educators and conservationists in marine life, ace pubs, restaurants, real home-cooked cafes, seafood producers, wildlife trips, tour operators and arts, music and theatre venues all serving a thriving community of locals and holiday makers.

For a wee place, we have an embarrassment of great stuff to offer, and at the soap shop, we’re wholeheartedly proud to be a part of it all. If you are in need of a getaway, come to Mull, you may not want to leave…. (Quite a few of our pals didn’t!)

Our Products & Ingredients

All of our products are vegetarian and many are vegan…

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What they Say about our Soaps

“The wonderful aroma entices you inside! Love the various soaps, they make great stocking fillers & smell amazing too.”


“I visited this beautiful shop while visiting Mull at the end of last week. The woman at the till was very welcoming of my mum, me and my squeaky boot! I love that you can see where each product is made at the back of the shop, so you know exactly where it’s coming from! I bought the Mull Heather bath salts which I have used each time I’ve had a bath since, and the Mull Heather soap – both of which leave my skin soft and feeling clean!  The bathbombs are fab too – I love the Rhubarb and Custard one! My mum also has psoriasis and uses the tea tree soap which works wonders! Would definitely recommend”


“I found the shop when I went to Mull for the first time. Since then I’ve been ordering the soap online and making anyone I know that visits pick me more up. I have the worst hands for getting dry and cracked and I’ve tried everything going but the honey and oatmeal soap is honestly the only thing that seems to work!”


“I tried this soap when we were on Mull and I fell in love. I have very pale and sensitive skin, most soaps here in the US gives me hives. I regretfully only bought a few bars. It smells great leaves my skin soft and hive free!!! I am grateful they will ship more to me all the way to Maine!!!”


“Just spent some time smelling the soaps and have bought some nice ones from the lovely couple in the shop.The shop has lots of lovely gift sets and could have spent a fortune as everything smells amazing”


Visted last year for the first time & loved my products….visted again last week & got some different things to try, & looling forward to visiting again in july for more things! Great wee shop… think i may be using your online service instead of lush now”


“Well worth a visit, they offer a good range of products that smell wonderful.”